Prevention Products

Hand Hygiene Solution


This alcohol based antiseptic solution is safe for repetitive use without any irritation or dryness on hand skin.

VioRex Norinse

Alcohol and chlorhexidine gluconate based antiseptic solution with heightened antimicrobial effect on hand skin

VioRex 2

Patient’s hand and body wash pre- and post-surgery.

VioRex 4

Chlorhexidine gluconate based hand wash liquid with softener.


Polyhexanide works as antimicrobial to kill bacteria. Betaine works as surfactant that helps detach bacteria from wounds.

JAM Handrub

  • Formulated As Prescribed by WHO
  • Quality assurance product with pharmaceutical standard
  • Pirogen free

Surface Instrument Cleaner and Disinfectant


Ready for use disinfectant solution for any surface in hospital..


Liquid concentrate containing benzethonium chloride 3% as floor disinfectant in all hospital areas.


High performance solution with double enzyme formula to clean used instruments perfectly into difficult (bioburdened) areas. 

Sterald 30

Ready for use high level disinfectant solution containing glutaraldehyde functioning as high level disinfectant for instrument with high rate of continuous use. Sterald 30 has HLD effect for 30 days without corrosion.


SteriOxide is a ready to use product for eliminating germs and bacteria with active Hydrogen Peroxide 7,7%. With Drymist application SteriOxide can be use to disinfect rooms. Silver Ion (Ag+) in SteriOxide elevated its antimicrobial effect.

Sterile Lab Water

Sterile Lab Water with USP Standard is water use for dissolving reagent in labs or rinsing medical equipments

Hospital Concentrate and Antiseptic


Liquid concentrate containing chlorhexidine gluconate and cetrimide antiseptic in first aid, burns and vulva hygiene


Wound antiseptic solution containing povidone iodine 10% equal to iodine 1 %.

Viral Tranport Medium (VTM)

For collection, preservation and transportation of human nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal virus samples

Wound Irrigation Solution

  • Sterile water for irrigation
  • PHMB 0,1%
  • Betaine Surface

Sterile Water For Inhalation USP

JAM Sterile Water for Inhalation USP that avoids dryness and irritation in breathing mucose.


  • Sterile Gel
  • Lidocaine Hydrochloride 2 g
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.05g